Fashionable spacesuit by SpaceX

By the end of August 2017 Elon Musk, CEO, and CTO of SpaceX, shared an Instagram post where he showed the first picture of SpaceX spacesuit.spacesuit by elon musk

A few days later he shared another post showing the entire spacesuit alongside the Crew Dragon. As “The Verge” said, this suit is planned not for extravehicular activities, but they should be worn on board to avoid problems from depression of the capsule.spacesuit-dragon by elon musk The design of the suit remembers those models which appeared in 2016 on Reddit and they are thought to be a creation by SpaceX, but the private space agency didn’t say something about it. Musk says the new SpaceX suit has been tested on Earth and works.spacesuit on reddit

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