Black Holes

The collapse of a star is not the only mechanism that leads to the formation of a black hole, especially if it is as old as the Universe itself. Black holes are dating back to only 690 million years after the observation of Big Bang. During this time, the stars present than did not have […]

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The Davis United World College Scholars Program awards need-based scholarship funding, aka the Shelby Davis Scholarship, to graduates of schools and colleges in the United World Colleges (UWC) movement to study at 94 select partner universities in the United States. The Program is the largest international scholarship program for undergraduates in the world, and the Davis family’s contributions to the United […]


Intervista a Yuri Gagarin

(Intervista simulata) Sono passati due mesi esatti da quello storico giorno quando Yuri Gagarin, a bordo della navicella Vostok 1, ha compiuto un’intera orbita ellittica attorno alla terra in 108 minuti, diventando il primo uomo a volare nello spazio. Per conoscere meglio la sua storia lo abbiamo sentito.   Buongiorno signor Gagarin, mi chiamo Celine […]

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JD drones

JD.com, Chinese e-commerce giant, is about to take off a fleet of giant drones that can carry loads of a ton for hundreds of miles. In China JD.com, one of the largest e-commerce sites in the country, with Alibaba, recently started designing the largest delivery drone in the world. It is an unmanned 3-rotor aircraft […]

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Intervista: Valentina Tereshkova

(Intervista simulata) Oggi sabato 16 giugno si celebra il 54esimo anniversario della prima missione spaziale in rosa compiuta dall’ex cosmonauta russa Valentina Tereshkova. Per l’occasione abbiamo avuto la possibilità di intervistarla, per sapere maggiori dettagli sulla sua vita e curiosità riguardo alla missione Vostok 6. Buongiorno Sig.ra Tereshkova, mi presento, mi chiamo Celine e oggi […]

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Elon Musk: Hyperloop

  Elon Musk, founder and CEO of Tesla, tweeted that very soon an Hyperloop capsule will be tested: it can reach half the speed of the sound, 616 km/h, and break in 1200 m. This new capsule will be financed by Musk and it will perform Tesla and SpaceX’s signs.   In this project there […]

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La mia passione, il mio sogno

Quali possono essere le passioni di una ragazzina di 15 anni? Come tutti i ragazzi della sua età, Celine adora le cose semplici della vita, ma anche quelle più essenziali, come la famiglia, elemento fondamentale per l’esistenza e la formazione della personalità di ogni individuo; praticare attività fisica, beneficio per il corpo e la mente; […]

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Indestructible tires by NASA?!

Curiosity is one of NASA’s rover which is exploring Mars: it’s one of the biggest technological successes of the space agency but it has problems with rough surfaces.
The rocky and rough surface of the planet tested really hard the special rover’s tires which are visibly consumed and damaged in certain point.

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BEAM by Bigelow Aerospace…What is it? How is it? What is its function?

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Voyager: Happy Birthday!

Yesterday, the space program Voyager celebrates its 40th year of mission. On the 20th of August 1977, NASA launched the first of the two probes for the exploration of the external environment of the solar system. Voyager 2 was launched first because they thought that it would reach Jupiter and Saturn after the Voyager 1 […]

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Spaceships (also called spacecrafts) are vehicles designed to fly outer space. They are used for a variety of purposes like communications, earth observations, meteorology, navigation, planetary explorations, space colonization and transportation of humans and cargo. There are five principles steps to follow in order to obtain a spacecraft. The first step is to determine the […]

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Ozone Layer Deplation

  First of all, what is Ozone layer? Ozone layer is a natural sunscreen that protects us from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet radiation. This sunscreen contains three oxygen atoms. It is constantly being formed and broken down in the stratosphere (that is the atmosphere layer above the troposphere). The destruction of ozone layer is caused […]

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Different Type Of Salt

Correct and balanced use of salt is of extreme importance: if, on the one hand, it is fundamental for the body, on the other, its excess is one of the most common causes of cardiovascular disease. The reason why the health recommendations on salt are few and simple. It does not matter if the grains […]

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A New Technology to Clean Up Polluted Seas in Three Weeks

The presentation of the Minerv bio-recovery took place on the occasion of World Environment Day, Minerv bio-recovery is a biodegradable solution based on micro-powders able to multiply the “plastic-eating” bacteria to the point that they can also attack the crude oils on seas. A new technology, based on the revolutionary 100% biodegradable bioplastic, able to […]

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The Moon Race Missions

In the 1960s, the Apollo program allowed the United States to bring the first man to the moon and thus beat the Soviet Union in the space race. The Apollo program was born in 1961 when the then-new president John F. Kennedy promised, during a speech to the Chambers, by the end of the decade […]

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First All Women Spacewalk

The first all-female spacewalk ended with a success, with American astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir. Leaving the Space Station to replace the element of a damaged battery, the pink walk took place 35 years later than that of the Soviet Svetlana Savitskaya, on 25 July 1984. The two astronauts were praised live by the […]

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Eggs Or Not?

Without a shadow of a doubt, among the absolute most discussed foods from a health point of view are eggs: some consider them the most nutritious food in the world; others fear them for their high cholesterol content. What is the truth? Eggs are a precious food, a concentrate of nutrients that can sustain and […]

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