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A hypersonic aircraft

A team of researchers of the Chinese Academy of Sciences of Beijing, recently tested in a wind gallery the I-Plane, a hyper sonic airplane which could (in theory) reach a speed between Mach 5 and Mach 7 (from 6100 km/h to 8600 km/h).

The results of the experiment were published on Science China Physics, Mechanics & Astronomy and according to researchers, this plane could link Beijing and New York in just two hours.

The airplane, in a section view, looks like a I (in capitol letter). The design is interesting: it has two wings, the superior one has a delta shape and the inferior one has an inverse arrow shape. This characteristic gives more lift to the aircraft.

The wings are positioned in order to permit the deviation of the shock waves (provoked by the overcoming of the wall of the sound) and to improve the stability and the performance of the flight.

During the test, the aircraft was invested by powerful air jests to a spread of over Mach 7 and it demonstrates to have a low resistance to the air and a great lift. The test was a success.

It can carry 50 passengers or five tons of loads.

A researcher who is collaborating in the test declared to the South China Morning Post that it can be used as a hyper sonic heavy bomber. What do you think?

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