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December 2, 2023 1:15 am

Seeing What Doesn't Exist Yet, That's Our Strength

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Seeing what doesn’t exist yet. That’s our strength.

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2020 Highlights in Science

2020 Highlights in Science

Science is a field that grows day by day. Its development does not stop. Man invent or try to discover new things, new facts every day. As year 2020, COVID-19 makes certain science related to promote vaccines and upgrades the virus testing kits.

In 2020, COVID-19 vaccine is on the frontline of every one’s mind. But scientists do many researches in many other fields. We must appreciate them for their valuable work. Here are some achievements of those scientists in 2020.


In November 2020, one of the largest scientific researches came out. Alphabet’s DeepMind Al made the huge progress and being able to predict the 3D structures of protein accurately.

In the field of biology, the folding problem is the crucial confront that biologist try to solve it for more than a half century. DeepMind Al has made quick progression in the biological field.

This scientific highlight of 2020 is very helpful in the biological research. It is also use in imputation of medicines.


In New York at the University of Rochester, first time in the world the world’s 1st room temperature superconductor was invented in 2020. By using organic compound in physics, led a research team invented it by using carbonaceous Sulphur hydride made out of carbon, hydrogen, and sulfur under high pressure.

Team invented material which has property of superconductor 14.5 degree Celsius. Superconductor is a material that holds or conducts electricity without resistance at the point when it becomes colder than a critical temperature.

They have property that they conduct electric current indefinitely without any power source. They used to form powerful magnets which are used in fusion reactors, CT scanners, and maglev trains. This invention is also the scientific highlight of 2020


In 2019 researchers published a study showing that they’d successfully treated bone cancer in dogs with the new type of immune therapy.

They had managed to create a vaccine from the cancerous tumors themselves. By summer 2020 these finding were being used to develop vaccine for human cancers specifically certain brain cancers.

Every time the clinical trials are conduct, every time make a breakthrough in a dog or a cat with the new excellent response to a novel therapy. It thinks about the people that can benefit from that. It’s still early days but the treatment has been approved to enter clinical trial by the FDA it the US.

If successful it could not mean that we have an amazing new treatment for human cancer that does not require chemotherapy and at the very least it is good news for the man’s best friend


We may not have superpower blood cells yet but we could soon have super powered blood cells. Red blood cells contain hemoglobin which is what make them red and carry oxygen from our lungs to our heart and then to the rest of the body. Scientist have managed to create synthetic red blood cell that can do even more.

They have created by coating donated cells in silica which is then covered with positively and negatively charge polymers. This creates artificial cells that are same in size and shape and just as flexible.

They have worked well in mice and could become a new way to detect toxin deliver therapeutic drug and fight cancer. It is also one of the scientific highlights in 2020


Atoms are so small that we need extremely powerful electrons microscope to study them. A lot of our inference rather than actually watching then doing their things but now the first ever video of atom forming and breaking bonds to create molecule has been filmed by physicist.

Who trapped two rhenium atoms in carbon nanotube? It may be hard to believe that the grainy footage came from 2020 but it is the cutting edge of science and one of the most remarkable things ever seen. This technique will enable scientists to study atoms like never before


Phosphine detected in the Venusian cloud belt could be a sign of microbial life. Finding the gas like this on Venus is really exciting because of the possibility that it could have also been produced by life like it is on the earth. It is one of the major scientific highlights in 2020.


We have known that there is ice on the moon for the long time but in 2020 it was confirmed that liquid water exists on the lunar surface.

It already knew that there was water ice hidden on the moon’s desert like surface. But now the thinking is these pockets of water some know bigger than a penny could be much more common and accessible than we previously thoughts.

NASA’s Sophia a flying observatory loaded onto an airline has detected water molecule on the near side of the moon. The molecules are not close enough each other pools but this is still incredibly significant with space agencies planning to return to moon.

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