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The Pentagon and Microsoft?


10 Billion contract Awards from Pentagon to Microsoft.

10 Billion contract Awards from Pentagon to Microsoft

The United States Department of Defense announced that the Pentagon had awarded Microsoft the Jedi (Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure) contract, worth 10 billion dollars. Thanks to this agreement, the company will provide the Department with various services related to the cloud.

The choice of the Pentagon surprised Amazon’s top management: the company has long been in pole position for the maxi order, especially after the exclusion of IBM and Oracle from the allocation process (which took place last April).

The process of the Contract Assignment

In the last period, the President of the United States Donald Trump was also involved in the process of awarding the Jedi contract, which undertook to examine its progress after receiving several complaints against Amazon and Microsoft. “An evaluation based purely on the comparison of the offers would have led to a different conclusion,” commented top executives of Jeff Bezos’s company after learning of the Pentagon’s decision. According to rumors,

Amazon has already begun to evaluate the options at its disposal, including the possibility of feared any interference from Trump, whose antipathy towards Jeff Bezos and the Washington Post, the newspaper founded by the number one giant of e-commerce, it is not a mystery.

Employees may Protest

The assignment of the 10-year Jedi contract represents a significant victory for Microsoft, but may not be pleasing by its employees.

In the past, Google’s involvement in the Pentagon Artificial Intelligence program, known as Project Maven, has been widely criticized, and, likely, a similar situation could also occur for the Redmond giant.

At the beginning of 2019, the employees expressed their disappointment at the comparisons of the company’s choice to enter into a contract with the US Army for the supply of over 100,000 HoloLens viewers.

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