2020 “Successful” for the Space Industry



Despite the turbulence on the earth, 2020 was big year for space industry. As, we know that the entire world is slow down due to COVID-19 in the year 2020. But the space industry moves ahead.

For the first time, two astronauts were launched on private space craft to orbit. Three separates operation exploded on Mars in 2020 and millions of miles from earth, a Robert captured the largest sample of asteroids ever caught.

International Space station floating in Space
International Space station floating in Space

In the dark year 2020, the space has emerged as a bright spot. The private space industry has been turmoil in the year 2020 due to the government contracts and rising demand in some sectors.

At the same time, public search rush to meet strict timetable. And both groups have succeeded in rapidly changing in public health reduction all over the world.

Despite the uproar, the world launched more than1,200 satellites in the year 2020 more than any other in past according to the space light tracker. While many of these satellites were either small in size, or the massive satellites of SpaceX, the number indicated how much the space economy has grown in recent year

Bryce space and technology, a space analytics and engineering firm, told that government all over the world have increased their attention on space as a prime concern, either for national security like united states or for research.

Although the space world was not totally safe from COVID-19.

When the first epidemic continued several companies had to slow down or to stop their project as they alter social distancing direction and new cleaning methods.

Europe suspends flights from its spaceport in French Guiana in mid March. Due to restrictions, there were difficulties in transporting the hardware.

Engineers even had some of space craft’s equipment already in space to reduce the labor required to operate it Some companies also suffered from huge losses.

And some sectors of satellite industry have slowed down especially those who provide communication and services for cruise and marine industries.

Nasa Launching Satellites

But this year has seen a huge increase in demand in other parts of satellites words. Industries and governments have requested data from companies providing high resolution imagery of land and geographic intelligence.

Even in the private aerospace industry, lockdown of year 2020 have forced the closure of labs and hardware facilities, which have halted activities such as launches and manufacturing.

Bigelow Aerospace laid off all its employees in late March. Satellite Internet company OneWeb filed for bankruptcy, accusing it of failing to raise funds for the Corona virus.

In March 2020 the Rocket Lab postponed their launched operation. But it planned to continue in 11 June 2020.

Due to pandemic condition in 2020 the developing work of 3D-printed rocket was slow down.

Many other departments or companies related to space moving forward with little disturbance.

Although competitor Onweb is ineffective, SpaceX has now launched the 482 Star Link Satellite for its Satellite Internet Bridge. And continued to work on SpaceX StarShip testing.

During epidemics, many space engineers have redesigned their efforts for projects directly related to the corona virus. At NASA, JPN engineers try to develop new and modern types of ventilators.

Maxer and planet, the companies that run the Earth observation satellite fleet, have seen an increase in demand in 2020 for their collected data, as it helps track global and regional trends in human and natural activities.

In the year 2020 all three mission of Mars had to get of the ground or they did miss the window to reach red planet.

There is huge loss of time and money if they did not Launched in summer 2020 and they would have to launched in 2022.

The effect of corona virus has been so unusual that even space has been not immune. The European politician has been warned that economic impact on space industry could be high as €1.2 billion.

This is partly due to end of private sector investment in economic downturn. Euro space secretary general Olivier Lemitri said he accept private customers to invest less in satellite work this year.

SpaceX sending payload to space

The EU’s industry commissioner, Thierry Breton, tweeted that the recent launch of spaceX from United States was a reminder to European that free access to space was absolutely necessary.

With 2020 behind us, NASA is gearing up for a busy year in 2021, looking forward to more exploration leadings.

The agency is working toward sending the first woman and next man to the Moon in 2024 and will establish sustainable lunar exploration by the end of this decade as part of the Artemis program, while getting ready for human exploration of Mars.

Yet, the fact that these great achievements happened during epidemics is a testament to the power of the people who fly their spaceships.

NASA engineers told competing stories to keep up the steadiness of time on the ground, adhering to new tasks in accordance with strict policies and home policies. And they weren’t the only ones.

Everyone in the space world was still plagued by epidemics on Earth, while trying to launch and operate their own space robot.

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