Voyager’s structure : How is it made? Pt. 3


BUS, CRS, High-Gain Antenna, ISS, IRIS, LECP, LEMPA, MAG, Optical Calibration Target, PPS, PLS, PRA, PWS, RTG and UVS…What do these acronyms stand for? Every week (from now till November) I’ll post some components that are part of the Voyager. So stay tuned and let’s get started with IRIS and LECP. Continue reading…

Voyager's structure : How is it made? Pt. 3
Voyager’s structure : How is it made? Pt. 3

Infrared Interferometer Spectrometer and Radiometer (IRIS)

The IRIS actually acts as three separate instruments. First, it is a very sophisticated thermometer.

It can determine the distribution of heat energy a body is emitting, allowing scientists to determine the temperature of that body or substance.

Second, the IRIS is a device that can determine when certain types of elements or compounds are present in an atmosphere or on a surface.

Third, it uses a separate radiometer to measure the total amount of sunlight reflected by a body at ultraviolet, visible, and infrared frequencies.

Low-Energy Charged Particles (LECP)

The Low-Energy Charged Particle experiemtn uses two solid-state detector systems mounted on a rotating platform. The two subsystems are the low-energy particle telescope (LEPT) and the low-energy

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