NASA: New Launch Date For The Artemis 1 Moon Mission

NASA: New Launch Date For The Artemis 1 Moon Mission

The original launch date for Artemis I was August 29, and after two failed attempts, the third attempt will be nearly a month later. NASA has announced that it will now attempt to launch its spacecraft to the moon no earlier than September 27, with an October 2 backup date under consideration.
The Orion spacecraft is scheduled to launch aboard the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket on September 27 for a 70-minute journey around the moon. The launch window will open at 11:37 a.m. EDT. NASA would have a 109-minute launch window on October 2, beginning at 2:52 p.m. EDT.

Why September 27th Could Be The D-Day

NASA announced late last week that the next launch opportunity could be as soon as Friday, September 23. However, these dates will allow managers to ensure that teams have enough rest and time to replenish cryogenic propellant supplies. In addition, NASA will conduct a cryogenic demonstration test as soon as Wednesday, September 21.
“The updated data is the result of careful consideration of multiple logistical issues, including the added value of more time being spent preparing for cryogenic demonstration testing, and therefore more time preparing for launch.” NASA said.

What Brought To The Failure Of The First Launch?

Artemis I’s first launch attempt on August 29 failed due to a problem with one of his SLS rocket engines. The engine had trouble reaching the proper temperature range for takeoff. According to NASA, his second launch took place on September 3 but was due to a hydrogen leak in the quick connector, the interface between the liquid hydrogen fuel supply line and the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket. It failed. Three attempts to reseal the seal were made with no result.

Will The Repair Fix The Leak This Time Around?

NASA: New Launch Date For The Artemis 1 Moon Mission. The team at Artemis I worked quickly to fix the leak ahead of the new launch date. Over the weekend, the team completed repair work on the hydrogen leak area and reconnected the ground and rocket side plates to the liquid hydrogen fuel supply line quick disconnect connectors. Two gaskets were replaced last week, according to NASA.

One Day Difference: Nasa DART Mission Together With Artemis 1
The team will continue investigating the leak this week to ensure a solid connection between the plates. In addition, cryo-demonstration tests were conducted to evaluate modern propellant technology designed to reduce thermal and pressure loads on the system to determine if the leak has been patched.

Nasa Will Launch Two Missions in Two Days

Nasa’s new launch date for the Artemis 1 Moon mission is scheduled for the day after NASA’s planned DART mission. However, at Monday’s briefing, NASA said the overlap between missions would not affect the success rate of either mission.

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