Let’s Have A Look At Ballistic Missile Allegedly Used In Recent Attacks On US bases in Iraq and Syria

Al-Aqsa 1


Al-Aqsa 1
Islamic Resistance in Iraq’s new missile is considered meant for placing American bases in Syria and Iraq (Photograph: @SAMSyria0 through Twitter)

Islamic Resistance in Iraq has not too long ago launched photographs of its Al-Aqsa 1 medium vary ballistic missile claiming it was used to strike US bases in Syria and Iraq.

On Nov. 6, 2023, the Islamic Resistance in Iraq (المقاومة الإسلامية في العراق, al-Moqawamat al-Islamiat fi al-Iraq) launched a picture of its new Al-Aqsa 1 (الأقصى 1) missile. The group is a Sunni Islamist insurgency group preventing towards US forces inside Iraq. Just lately the militants have launched rocket and drone attacks on U.S. bases in Syria and Iraq.

As of now solely the only picture has been launched and no additional figures can be found. Nevertheless, the missile appears to share a lot of its parts from different, extra generally identified platforms it’s potential to make a tough estimate of its efficiency.

The Al-Aqsa 1 appears to utilise components from beforehand identified missiles such because the BM-250. Whereas it’s simple to assume that the missile in query is a Fateh 110, the cropped delta rear fins counsel the missile is extra carefully associated to the BM-120/BM-250 household. Though it’s arduous to find out the relative measurement of the Al-Aqsa 1, it seems that the missile carefully resembles the BM-250 in design. From the entrance information fins to the dual set of rear fins, the Al-Aqsa 1 shares most components from the BM-250. Nevertheless, the nosecone on the Al-Aqsa 1 is a rounder composite-type part moderately than the extra metallic sharp nosecone shared on the BM-120 and BM-250.

This implies a decrease flight velocity and chance of a distinct steering system aside from the present GLONASS primarily based GNSS system. On the whole, the Fateh 110, BM-120, BM-250, BM-300, BM-440 are all scaled variants of each other. Thus, it’s arduous to find out the Al-Aqsa’s measurement and vary with no technique of scaling the missile. For reference, the BM-120 has a spread of 120km, the BM-250 250km, and the Fateh 110 300km.

Whereas it may be anticipated that the Al Aqsa 1 may also have a spread between 200 ~ 300 km, a precise determine can solely be calculated as soon as additional reference photographs of the missile is launched.

In the meantime, the Islamic Resistance in Iraq claimed three separate missile and one-way drone assaults focusing on US forces at Ain al Assad airbase in western Iraq on Nov. 9, 2023. The group launched a video exhibiting it launching two drones and three missiles. The missiles bared visible similarities to the group’s al-Aqsa 1 missile unveiled on Nov. 6.

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