Why Mercedes-Benz AMG Formula 1 Cars Are Perfect?

When it involves racing, there are tons of various kinds. If you would like to ascertain exotic cars race, you watch IMSA (International Motor Sports Association), if you wish NASCAR (The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing), that’s cool too, but if you would like to observe cars expertly designed and made to perform, you watch Formula 1 aka F1.

There is just something about watching a Formula 1 race that creates standard surface road driving look dull. The cars utilized in this race are fast, and therefore the fastest among them for the past several years has been none aside from Mercedes-Benz AMG. AMG stands for Aufecht, Melcher, & Großaspach.

AMG is essentially a performance division and model line of Mercedes-Benz AMG. It had been named on Engineer Hans Aufrecht, whose hometown was Großaspach, and Erhard Melcher who founded the corporate and named it AMG.

In 1990 AMG signed up a contract with Mercedes, making it Mercedes-Benz AMG.

Formula 1 isn’t about style, it’s about speed. To be the simplest, you’ve got to possess the simplest drivers, the simplest engineers, and therefore the best driving crew. Every single member of the team is important when it involves shaving precious seconds off of your team’s time.

While the team is that the most essential a part of the race, the car is simply as crucial, and among all of the items that Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team gets right, it’s their unbeatable Formula 1 racer.


There are tons of regulations when it involves Formula 1, and in year 2014 there was a serious change that gave Mercedes Benz-AMG superiority i.e. authorization to use new engine.

That was the year that the game made the change to adapt to new V6 turbo hybrid engines, and Mercedes-Benz AMG has not lost a championship since.

If you’ve got to possess an equivalent V6 turbo hybrid, there has got to be more engineering done to the cars to line them apart.

For Mercedes-Benz AMG, this means more innovation, aerodynamics, and maximizing the efficiency of the engine & their super car. The team doesn’t run an equivalent car year after year, either, but whatever formula they need for fulfillment seems to be working.

Mercedes-Benz PU106A engine, the best engine in F1 at the moment. Source: Supplied

But, as you all imagine, tons of these secrets are going to be kept, well, a mystery, in order that other racing teams can’t use them to their advantage.

As much as we might like to know the engineering that goes into creating a number of the fastest race cars in Formula 1, the competition for knowledge is pretty stiff.

Years from now the Mercedes-Benz AMG Petronas team might reveal what they were ready to do to their race cars to stay them on top, but only time will tell.

While Formula 1 isn’t the foremost popular sort of racing in the USA, it’s still one among the good ones out there.

If you’re keen on the engineering behind cars, or simply have a requirement for speed, you’d really enjoy watching Formula 1.

If you’re just beginning to watch now, putting money on this Mercedes-Benz AMG Formula 1 car probably would not leave you disappointed.


Not only was Mercedes-Benz AMG’ car and engine package reliable, its electromagnetic unit was vastly different to Ferrari’s and Renault’s units in one key area.

Mercedes-Benz AMG split their turbocharger in half, putting the intake turbine and therefore the compressor at opposite ends of the engine and connecting them with an extended shaft. This tweak was 1st revealed by Motor Sport magazine.

But the novel layout wasn’t almost boosting horsepower. it had been about boosting performance overall.

The split system doesn’t require anywhere near the maximum amount cooling as a standard setup would, allowing a way smaller intercooler within the car’s side pod, meaning the Mercedes-Benz AMG much smaller and more aerodynamically efficient side pod.

Mercedes AMG with its unique front wings. Source: Getty Images

The setup also made for a more responsive engine, more power from the Energy Recovery Systems, better fuel efficiency, plus a far better center of gravity than either Ferrari or Renault could achieve.

Although the opposite Mercedes-Benz AMG powered teams shared equivalent advantages, only the Mercedes-Benz AMG team, who developed the concept in its entirety, was ready to design a chassis that fully exploited the advantages.

Mercedes-Benz AMG F1 revealed the key behind the Car’s Paint

One would have noticed the very fact that the Formula 1 cars look incredibly shiny before the beginning of each race weekend. Mercedes-Benz AMG revealed that F1 cars undergo a phase of repaint before the commencement of a Grand Prix event.

As a press release from composite paint technician at Mercedes-Benz AMG, said that “After a race, it’s important to get rid of all the previous paint which can improve not only the looks of the car but also confirm every item is getting repainted after the event isn’t overweight.”

As you know, Formula 1 cars are extremely sensitive and sophisticate. The fact that even paints provides a great contribution to a car’s on track performance is quite astonishing.

Now the question arises how Mercedes-Benz AMG accomplished this all with sharp precision.


Mercedes-Benz AMG builds both its own chassis and its own engine, making it easier for each side to figure together to develop the simplest possible solution. Only Ferrari would have an identical opportunity, and that they were unable to maximize it.

Mercedes-Benz AMG corporate also invested heavily into the team’s engine department, the knowledge learnt also making its way back to the company’s road cars.

In 2009 Mercedes-Benz AMG started work on Hybrid Engines and better battery storage for his or her F1 Super Cars.

In 2014 hybrid turbo rules were confirmed for racing. As team was already performing on it they came up with engine & chassis design that was both reliable and fast. In this way they got lucky and 5 years of R&D pays off.


The Mercedes-Benz AMG team recorded & logged 50 more laps at that first test than any of their rivals at the time when hybrid engines were introduced. As Mercedes-Benz AMG engine cars logged quite double the amount of laps of any of their rivals. The additional added track time allowed them to figure on making the car even faster, instead of understanding why it wasn’t running.


Competition improves the breed, goes the old saying. Mercedes-Benz AMG followed this dictum by allowing its drivers to race one another for victory.

Historically, teams that carry a performance advantage over their rivals have preferred their drivers to not fight one another.

Same was done by McLaren’s once they were in dominant introduce the late 1980s.


The winter traditionally offers F1 teams an opportunity to re-group and re-boot, to find out from the issues of the previous year. Mercedes-Benz AMG is utilizing this point to develop a much faster machine.

Their team is exploring to seek out the key areas for performance gain based not just on what they need learned a year further down the road , but also on where there’s room for exploring new and innovative sources of competitive advantage.

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