A Red Car for the Red Planet?! Really?!

Elon Musk… a name certainly already heard, especially in this period with his announcement that amazed all:

red car for mars

Bring a Tesla to Mars?! Really?! And above all, why?! The answer is simple: leave a mark, make history, overcome every limit, amaze and fascinate.

Elon Mus is founder, CEO and CTO of the Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX), Chairman of the Board of Directors and managing director of Tesla Motors, president of SolarCity, co-founder of PayPal and OpenAl, promoter of Hyperloop (super-fast Transport system) and in 2016 founder of “the Boring Company”. Crazy, with his companies he practically invested in the future of humanity, on our future: electric cars, iodine batteries, Mars, renewable energy…

However let’s see how it all began….

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